Catherine and Caroline

by Shorthand Phonetics

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"Catherine and Caroline" is a single by Shorthand Phonetics.

This single represents a short story Hanabishi Hideaki wrote and filed away in the "incomplete" folder on his computer.



Catherine and Caroline
as performed by Shorthand Phonetics

is feelin left behind
by Caroline
and Cat retreats in wine

How its always been
Is how she thought it would always be
Cat knows it's foolish now,
to think that things would never change

She feels she is the only one arrested in time
Of course she knows that's ain't factually right
But she's determined to cry and waste this night
on the couch...

submersed in self

Then Cat's phone rang
Caller ID reads Caroline
Cat continued to sip her wine
And watch her phone writhe

and she let it ring,
vibrations into the air
but when it ended she sent a mail
saying that in fact she just got home

And now she feels as pathetic as ever
She cant explain her actions to herself
Now she waits by her phone for Carol's call
for hours she waited...

but the phone never came to ring that night

Caroline sits on her countertop crying
She cant shut up her doubt filled mind
It'd be great if Catherine would answer
her damn phone call

There's a lot of things she wants to verbalize
She fears this union will keep her from life
But what right she has to intrude in on Cat's night
Carol knows Cat just had a long flight

And now she feels as pathetic as ever
She cant explain her actions to herself
Now she holds on to her phone,
to call Catherine...

Maybe tomorrow

Maybe never....



released January 7, 2014
Copyleft 2014 Tsefula/Tsefuelha Records
Shorthand Phonetics is Ababil Ashari (vox, guitar, bass, programming)
Track by A. Ashari
Cover art modified from a photograph entitled “Girl With Wine” by Ondřej Lipár
Photograph are used under the Attribution 2.0 Generic Creative Commons License (CC BY 2.0)
Produced, mixed and mastered by Ababil Ashari
Recorded at The Madrid Estate
Dedicated to Catherine and Caroline