Self​-​Awareness is Fleeting

by Shorthand Phonetics

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"One of the most fresh, and unafraid bands I have heard in a while the development of this Indonesian act could be crucial to the very nature of indie music itself."

- Matt Bacon

"Maybe he's found a way to achieve the highest enlightenment in musical artistry and this EP is one of those steps in the process of absolite musical enlightenment. Enjoy the process of heavenly musical enlightenment."
- Eric Wirjanata [written in indonesian]

"I'm getting a chilly warm Chris Knox vibe from these tracks(!)"

- Blake Schwarzenbach (Jawbreaker, Jets to Brazil)

"Always fresh [...] recommended for fans of indie-rock / lo-fi / punk such as Sebadoh, Pavement, Guided By Voices, Superchunk dan Screetching Weasel"

- Wasted Rockers
[written in indonesian]


"Self-Awareness is Fleeting" is a concept EP by lo-fi indie band Shorthand Phonetics.

This album narrates the events following a Hanabishi Hideaki two-year writers block which crippled his writing career. This block he hypothesized as having induced by new found responsibilities of being an adult and having "a real job".

One night after an extended afternoon shift in the clinic, he sees himself in the reflection of a street ornament. For some unknown reason this seemed to spurn a new writing need, now there's are not by any stretch of the imagination "good"...but it's a start.

These 3 tracks of music is a representation the early work that sprung from this event.


released August 5, 2013

Copyleft 2013 Tsefula/Tsefuelha Records
Shorthand Phonetics is Ababil Ashari (vox, guitar, bass, programming)
All tracks by A. Ashari except track 1 by A. Ashari / W.A. Ardhana
Cover art modified from a photograph entitled “Self-Portrait” by Rob Brewer
Photograph are used under the Attribution 2.0 Generic Creative Commons License (CC BY 2.0)
Produced, mixed and mastered by Ababil Ashari
Recorded at G1/22 Studios, Cibitung, Bekasi, Jawa Barat, Indonesia in the month of July 2013.
Dedicated to Fujiwara Ayumu.



Track Name: The Standard Model (Of Love)
why am i cynical
about these things these matters of the heart

Its gotten me nowhere
only this state i which i call alone

i shouldn't over-think
it hasn't got me results so far

why cant I
set up an experiment
and repeat it
over and over and over again
just to get a handle
a scientific grip on my own life
i go though this
over and over and over and over again

It's just typical
of me to not just put myself out there

is stunting tiring tearing me apart

why do i go through this
over and over and over and over again
[incoherent screaming]

well i wish i can just look up and say...

this I ask, my final wish
final cry of a heart anguished
let me fall, be blinded by,
let me fall, driven mad by
the elusive thing

called "love"
Track Name: Jumpin'
from man to man
out when it doesnt go your way
are you sure you know
what cha doin
i'm afraid if yr not

you'll develop a reputation
who knows you may have already
youre runnin out of options
i wanna know
what the hell you are

as you make your moves without
i dunno why I care
it's your life
it your short life
that your wastin
on these flights of lust hey

i don't care anymore
Track Name: The Reconnection, or, How Things Kinda Worked Out for Jet Girl in the End (At Least She Still Has All Her Hair)
It was a slow burn
the bridge fire
i didn't fan the flames
or put them out
was standing there
watching you walk away
i wanted to catch after you
but the structural integrity
was harrowing
to afraid to cross
to afraid to back away myself
weigh myself

i sit here
look over the cliff
the fall down so frightening
i need to rebuild this passage
but i cant do it alone
i need to shout, shout over there
and hope for a response
if it doesn't come
what would i do
back to being by myself

has to accept things where they are
and realize it was me, my fault
emphasis on the was,
i am a new person nao
in declaration only,
but its a start
i should try,
if only to record
an attempt
to set things right